ClinicalKey has millions of images available to download to enhance your lectures. Using ClinicalKey’s Presentation Maker, you can quickly import ClinicalKey images (including citation information) into your own PowerPoint presentations.

During this tutorial, you will learn how to save and export an image from ClinicalKey into a PowerPoint presentation.


Use the arrow(s) below to move through the tutorial.  Selecting the Single-page view link at the top will display a transcript of this tutorial.

Create a Personal Account

We will begin on the ClinicalKey homepage.

In order to use the Presentation Maker feature, you need to create a free Personal Account.

Select Register in the upper right corner. (Select Login if you already have an account.)

Fill out the form to create your free username and password.

Find an Image

After you are logged into your Personal Account, search ClinicalKey to locate an image you want to use.

Tip: On the search results screen, you can select Images in the Filter By box to narrow your search results to just images.

Filter by Images

Save the Image to a Presentation

Once you locate an image, select the Add to Presentation icon. (It is the second icon listed.)

Thumb reconstruction image options

The Add to Presentation pop-up window appears. Using the Select Presentation drop-down menu, select Create New.

Enter a name for your presentation and click Save.  Next, select Add and view presentation.

 Add to presentation pop-up box

Presentation Maker Page

On the Presentation Maker page, select the Export link on the right side of the page.

Export the image

PowerPoint opens with a slide that includes your image and citation/copyright information. (Depending on which browser you use, PowerPoint may also be a minimized icon on the lower left corner of your screen.)

PowerPoint slide with image and citation



We hope this tutorial was helpful to you.

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